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FACTS MACHINE 2-AC (Battery or AC Power) - Multi-Function Brushless Motor Tester w/ Case
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FACTS MACHINE 2-AC (Battery or AC Power) - Multi-Function Brushless Motor Tester w/ Case

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FACTS MACHINE 2-AC (Battery or AC Power Version) - Multi-Function Brushless Motor Tester w/ Case

Have you ever been at a race and wondered how the top finishers seem to have faster motors than everyone else? One of the reasons for this is because the fast guys go through numerous stators and rotors until they find the best ones.  Stators and rotors are not all created equal.  Due to tolerances in the manufacturing process, some are better than others, and the fast guys have figured this out.  This is a critical step in getting the most performance out of your motor.

Do you know that the strength of your rotor has the single biggest effect on how your motor runs, yet most racers don't even know what they have in their car.  This is like not knowing whether you have a 4, 6 or 8 cylinder engine in your real car.  This basically leaves you guessing at how to gear your car, where to set the motor timing and how the speed control should be set up.  Another important factor affecting your motor's performance is the electrical resistance of the stator; the lower the resistance the better, but without knowing what the resistance of your stator is, you are left guessing at the potential of your motor.

Now, with the new FACTS MACHINE 2-AC multi-function motor tester, you have the ability to accurately test your stators and rotors.  This easy to use tool includes the same rotor testing funtion as our Facts Machine Jr., allowing you to test the magnetic field strength of your rotors.  The FACTS MACHINE 2-AC also incorporates a coil test function to test the stator's ohms resistance (lower resistance equals a faster motor), which is also an important factor in producing the highest performing motor possible.

The FACTS MACHINE 2-AC is a compact unit that is self-contained and can be operated using the built-in battery power source, or can be plugged into an 110v AC wall outlet for continuous operation without having to stop to recharge the battery.  The AC feature also provides unlimited use time and more consistent readings, compared to using the internal battery which will vary slightly as the voltage drops in the battery.

No more guessing...get the "FACTS" and the edge over your competition with the FACTS MACHINE 2-AC!

IMPORTANT: It is important to know that there is no standard in the RC industry for testing brushless rotors and stators.  There are numerous testers on the market, including the Trinity, MMS and others, that all provide different information.  The information can vary greatly.  For example, one company's meter may read 1500 for a rotor, where our meter may read it as 1400.  The same goes for stator readings.  For example, a 19.5ohm reading on another brand meter, may be the same as a 20.2ohm reading on our tester.  The Fantom Facts Machine 2-AC is not massed produced, but rather is hand build one at a time, in the U.S.A., to the highest standards in the RC industry.  The Facts Machine 2-AC is calibrated using 1/2% tolerance 5, 10 and 20 ohms resistors, so you can feel confident that we are providing you with the most accurate tester in RC.


  • Self-Contained - Requires No Additional Power Source (trackside use - limited to capacity of internal battery)
  • AC Powered (for unlimited use with no loss in voltage or consistency)
  • Accurately Tests Magnetic Field Strength Of Brushless Rotors
  • Works With All Brand Rotors & All Sizes Up To 12.5mm
  • Self Centering
  • Accurately Test ohms Resistance Of Stator (single coil - motor unassembled)
  • Accurately Test ohms Resistance Of Stator (two coils in series - motor assembled)
  • Display Reads Out To 4 Numeric Places (example: 1455)
  • Low Battery Indicator LED's
  • Includes One 9v Batteries (User Changeable)
  • Includes One Rechargeable 12v NiMH Battery
  • Includes Battery Charger / Power Cube (to charge internal battery or to power with 110v AC)
  • Optional Multi-Function Case Available (FAN28591)
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
  • Hand Built In The USA

Facts Machine 2-AC Specs:

  • DIMENSIONS: 5-7/8" (149.23mm) L x 3-9/16" (90.47mm) W x 2-1/8" (53.97mm) H
  • WEIGHT: 1.69 Pounds (764 grams)

Case Specs:

  • Interior Dimensions - 10.31" (261.87mm) x 6.87" (174.5mm) x 3.75" (95.25mm)
  • Exterior Dimensions - 10.69" (271.53mm) x 9.33" (236.98mm) (including handle) x 4.0" (101.6mm)
  • Weight: 1.12 pounds (506 grams)
  • Includes Customizable Cubed Foam
  • Color - Graphite
  • Integrated Latches
  • Integrated Handle
  • Metal Core Hinges
  • Silk-Screen Graphics
  • Extra Room for storing motors, rotors, etc.
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