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12 Volt DC POWER SUPPLY - 47 Amp / 575 Watt

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12 Volt DC POWER SUPPLY - 47 Amp / 575 Watt
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12 Volt DC POWER SUPPLY - 47 Amp / 575 Watts

Get the most out of your battery charger with this high-performance power supply.  It provides enough clean, reliable power to charge your batteries at even the most demanding charge rates that today's high-end chargers are capable of. 

This is a redundant power supply, meaning it contains two power supply units inside it. Each power supply is capable of powering your charger and only one runs at a time. If one fails, the other power supply starts running to keep your battery charger powered up. The switch between the power supplies is seamless, so as not to interrupt the normal use of your charger.

Here's the formula to determine how much power you need: Battery Pack Voltage x Desired Charge Rate (Amps) = Watts Needed

Example 1: 7.4v 2-cell LiPo x 15 amp charge rate = 111 watts required from power suppy

Example 2: (Dual Charger) 2 x 7.4v 2-cell LiPo's x 15 amp charge rate = 222 watts amps required from power suppy

Check Out The Specs...

  • INPUT VOLTAGE - 100v to 240v AC
  • OUTPUT VOLTAGE - 12.15v DC
  • OUTPUT CURRENT - 47A Continuous
  • DIMENSIONS - 13" Long x 2.25" Wide x 3" High
  • WEIGHT - Approx. 3.25 pounds


  • Over-Voltage Protection
  • Fault Protection
  • Short Protection
  • 4mm Female Gold Output Jacks
  • Cooling Fan
  • Handle
  • Rubber Feet
  • Includes Heavy-Duty Power Cord
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty*
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