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12.4mm SPEC High-Torque Tuning Rotor - PRO SELECT

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12.4mm SPEC High-Torque Tuning Rotor - PRO SELECT

PRO SELECT - 1500+ on Fantom Facts Machine v3 meter  

12.4mm ROAR Spec High-Torque Optional Replacement Tuning Rotor

This is an optional strength and size, ROAR legal tuning rotor for all FR-1 spec motors (except 25.5).

ROTORS BASICS: The larger the diameter of the rotor is, the more torque it will produce, with less RPM.  The smaller the diameter of the rotor is, will achieve the opposite affect, i.e. more RPM and less torque.  The stronger the magnet strength of the rotor is, the more torque it will produce, with less RPM. The weaker the strength of the rotor, will achieve the opposite affect, i.e. more RPM and less torque.

Check out these features...

  • Type: High-Torque (Pro Select 1500+ on Fantom Facts Machine v3 meter)
  • Size: 12.4mm
  • All Fantom rotors are guaranteed to meet our strict standards, regardless if the "Rotor Strength Test Option" is chosen or not.
  • Sintered Neodymium Magnet - Produces huge power and high efficiency. Also, the sintered design provides increased strength and durability to withstand the heat and rpm stresses of racing.
  • Nickel Plated - Increases durability and helps prevent rotor from blowing apart due to over-revving and high RPM conditions.
  • ROAR APPROVED in all FR-1 spec motors! (except 25.5)
  • Precision Balanced
  • Includes Spacers - To properly shim within the magnetic field.

IMPORTANT: We use our Fantom Facts Machine v3 to test our rotors.  It is important to know that there is no standard in the RC industry for testing brushless rotors.  There are numerous testers on the market, including the Trinity, MMS and others, that all provide different information.  The information can vary greatly.  For example, one company's meter may read 1500 for a rotor, where our meter may read it as 1400.  You can feel confident that our testing equipment is built to the highest standards and provides the most accurate readings in RC.


  • 1/12th Scale
  • Carpet Oval
  • Touring Car (Long Track)
  • 2wd Buggy (Long Track)


  • Rotor Strength Test Option - With this option the rotor's magnetic field strength is tested on our Fantom Facts Machine-3 rotor tester and the results are provided.
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