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When I purchase things I don't go for the name, I don't go for glitz... When I purchase things I do so expecting not to have to repurchase the same thing again. When I buy sockets, I buy craftsmen. If I buy a hammer, I buy eastwing. When I buy tools I use as an electrician, I buy klien. I've worked with my hands for many years and it's important what I put in them.

When it comes to rc products I've been out of the game for a while. So I look towards you, readers and posters of forums. I was looking for a motor for my SC10 and I saw there were many options out there. I didn't know where to turn. Nismomike had a post where he turned his SC10 into a bullet proof beast. In that thread someone recommended Fantom motors to him. After installing that into his truck he was extatic with it. I figured that if he was very happy with it that it would be a motor that I wouldn't want to replace right away.

I did a little research on the company. They are based out of Michigan. Gotta love an American company. I've worked union and that is important to me. I drive a chevy. Lol.

While doing the research I read these customer reviews.

All the reviews are beyond thanks for your product. So I ordered my motor from them. Unbeknownst to me they had just sent out a press release about their newest motor. They sold out within two days. I could say here boohoo for me cuz I have to wait but I want quality, not immediate gratification. Btw grats to them for being that amazing that they sold out in two days.

So the company emailed me and asked me what I wanted to do. While I didn't want to wait I didn't want anything but the best in my truck either. I told them I would wait. The person I was emailing offered me a discount for waiting AND offered to send me one of his own personal motors to borrow so I could have something to drive while I waited.

I've been a consumer for many years and I've never run into a company that went that far above and beyond. I've bought a house, stayed at resorts, bought cars, etc. etc... If every company worked this way there would be no unhappy consumers. When I get a chance to put the motor that is being shipped to me I'll update more. From the research I did and the recommendations I've gotten I'm sure it won't disappoint.

Btw, another thing that amazed me was that after I emailed the company back and forth that the man emailing me wasn't just an employee but the owner. I'm not a team driver, shit I'm Joe Nobody. Thefact that the owner took his time to reply to me and offered to let me borrow a motor of his still blows my mind.

Thank you Fantom and I only wish more companies worked the way you do. I can't wait to enjoy your product and I will refer anyone and everyone I can to you.

Eric Parsons

Dear Team Fantom,

I am writing this email to discuss your latest product release of the 3800mAh 2Cell 7.4V 25C+ Lithium Polymer battery pack. Recently several members who race at our local track purchased their first ever Fantom Racing Li-Po pack, the 3800mAh 25C+. Prior to purchasing this pack we did some research because of the numerous Li-Po packs available on the market today. Each of the companies that produce and sell these packs claim their superiority and throw numbers like 25C and 30C around without substantiating evidence to back them up. It's becoming a numbers war and the C ratings on these packs is the ammunition to persuade racers and casual R/C enthusiasts alike to purchase these products.

Being more than casual racers, we did a little homework. After reading specs and talking to people we found an interesting fact. Many of the NEW 3800mAh packs that claim 30C ratings only show a continuous discharge rate of 100 Amps, or they will claim a rating of 100 Amps and over. All this is saying is you "might" get more than 100 Amps, but we cant promise you that. There is such a thing as truth in advertising, so trust me if the battery packs were capable of 120 or more Amps, they WOULD say it. As we continued to check Li-Po specs we ran across the new Fantom Racing 3800 mAh 2 Cell 7.4V 25C+ packs. Your claim, 95 Amp continuous discharge from a 25C+ pack. If this is true how can a "real" 30C pack only be 100 Amp? Maybe the truth is they are not a true 30C pack?

After all the research, several racers at our local track decided to purchase the Fantom Racing 3800 mAh 25C+ Li-Po packs. These are guys who normally run packs the likes of: Team Orion 3600 mAh 25C, Trackpower 4900 mAh, SMC 5000 mAh 28C, and Reedy 5000 mAH 20C just to name a few. Need I mention that all of these packs are higher priced than yours?

On initial contact with your Li-Po packs we found them to be comparable to everything else on the market. Hard carbon cases, bullet plug connectors, balancing port, everything that seems to be standard in the industry. But looks can be deceiving, because that is where you stop being just like everyone else and start to break away from the rest of the competition. The racers at the track purchased at least 10 packs from Fantom Racing. Each racer experienced the same thing with their new Fantom Racing pack, a higher rate of acceleration, more power, longer run times, and in the end this all resulted in quicker lap times (which is what everyone wants right?). I heard one of the racers comment to me "I need to learn to drive again, this pack is so powerful I'm having a hard time controlling it". This from a racer who has several other brand Li-Po's in his box. Either all the other companies are misrepresenting their C ratings or Fantom Racing is giving us a conservative rating.

The long and short of it, where so many other companies merely make claims to being the best, Fantom Racing products demonstrate how good they are on the track. Great products, super prices, and performance that is second to none, we would like to say you have outdone yourself guys! I think you have created a loyal group of Fantom Racing customers at our track. Again, when it comes to price and performance Fantom Racing cant be beat, keep up the good work!

Best regards,

I ran the motor you built me for the Velodrome yesterday and it was totally awesome.  Most of the day I had speed control issues but in the main I got the speed control set right and blew by the whole field turning the fastest lap of the day.  Unfortunately I had a blow over on the front straightaway and got run into and knocked the batteries out of my vehicle.  RJ ran the other motor you built and was extremely fast also.  GREAT JOB.

Gerry Pullum

R/C Race Director Major Taylor Velodrome & Joe's Hobby Barn

Dear Fantom,

Greeting from Down-under.
I started racing off-road stock a year ago and was pretty much guided by what local racers were doing. They ran Brood, Orion, Reedy, Trinity motors and I thought that was the go. I was at a local hobby shop some months ago and thought I'd give this FAN30421 a go. The guy in the shop said they were great so why not. WOW. I literally blew the competition away and it was so fast, I could bearly control it. Nobody down here in Australia had heard of Fantom motors but drivers were making comments like "That thing flies". I've since purchased 4 more motors and have another 3 arriving soon. I'm moving into 19T this year and have purchased 2 of those as well.
Good on you Fantom. Keep up the good work.

Gavin Bruce
Sydney Australia
Losi BK2 powered by Fan30421 & Fan30460


I was writing to let you know I have put an FR18 in my revo its easy to tune and my revo is almost to fast. At my local track I cant even open it up, every time I hit the gas my front wheels pull of the ground, and if I give it gas at the wrong time It will flip. Great motor I cant what to see the faces of the people running the O.S. .18 when I fly by them.

Devin Twitty
8.6pound revo with Fr18

I have 7 hpi savage trucks with various engines, from .70s to .21s. One day I was shopping on the net and came across a dealer selling fantom engines. the fr.27 was rated at 42,800 rpm, with 2.91 hp, and I thought no way, but being an rc freak, I ordered 5 engines. I put the first one in a stock savage with a 16t bell and a 49t spur, LOL, totally out of control. The next one went into my new losi LST, LOL, still the same result, bad fast, did I say bad fast? I'll keep it clean, but way too much fun. The next two are going in my hot bodies twin truckzilla kit( still in progress ) and I think the last one is going in my Schumacher Menace, how sick is that? this engine rips, and is easy to tune, good job.

Larry Ross, Tucson AZ

Dear Fantom,

When I first got into off-road buggy racing, I had never actually heard of fantom motors. I was introduced to them the first time I went to a race and I bought a Fantom 19 turn single. All I can say is WOW. The motor is incredible. I can hold my own with modifieds on the track and have a longer runtime. What a great setup.

Jonathan Barnes
RC-10 B4 & B3 powered by Fantom 19 turn single.
McMinnville, Tennessee

OMG! Rediculously nice engine Fantom. You guys are genuis. This motor was easy to break in and it cruises. I strapped this rocket to a HPI Racer 2 and i barely pull the throttle at all and the thign is way to fast for me to control. I dont know if i ever need to go full throttle. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!

Fantom Owner,
Guy Ashby
Chesapeake, VA

To: Fantom Staff,

I am highly impressed with your motors. So much so that I have purchased three of them for all of my racing cars and T Max. I have had so many problems with other motors that say that they are high performance, but my Fantoms have given me NO PROBLEMS!!!
Your engines are so problem free that I have even modified my R40 to take your FR12 to take that engine.
On the track, my TC3, and R40 (Fantom powered) are consistently running. My racing friends are using Fantom engines and needless to say racing is a bit more challenging and 100% better!

Thank you for making a bullet proof, fast and reliable engine!

Herolin Simmons
Philadelphia PA.

I race in both the stock and modified classes at a small dirt oval in northeast Iowa. I have TQ'ed many times in the stock class using Fantom motors, usually with more laps than the mod trucks get. Due to the small size of our track I have even been able to have success in the mod class while running a Fantom stock motor. Your motors have made my T3 so fast that it has brought up the subject of possible cheating. I will have the last laugh when they tear down my Fantom stock motor and find that everything is perfectly legal. Your motors ROCK! Keep up the great work.

Hey guys, I just bought a fantom fr-18 for my t-maxx and I just wanted to let you guys know that this is a great motor for the price. From the performance to the looks of the engine it's wicked. This thing blows the traxxas 2.5 away !!!!!
I now use the 2.5 as a paper weight.
Keep up the great work !!!!!

Rich from Chicago

I recently started running all fantom stock motors. I have never had stock motors that felt this fast and this AWESOME! Will never run anything but fantom again!

Tony Clem

I'm currently running the Fantom FR15 along with the natural finish torque Works pipe on my RC10GT. This setup is amazing! The midrange is absolutely absurd! Time and time again, my buddies are left in shame!
Honestly, I put down my buddy's stock Axis buggy and his 2.5 Sirio converted Maxx on the straights! He just shakes his head! This thing just keeps winding the RPM's!

Thank you for producing a unique, affordable, and durable product! It's obvious you guys have done your homework!

Brad Wolf
Northern Virginia

I have a GS SUT that I race in Unlimited Class Monster Truck at local races here in Virginia Beach, RC Pro Series Races and any other events I can make it too, like Trinity Gas Challenges. I took out the RTR .25 engine and dropped in a FR27 Racing Engine.
I am extremely impressed with this engine. Out of the box the pinch on this .27 was so tight that I needed a heat gun to warm the engine up so it would turn over on the starter box. This is a good thing. Right after I completed the heat cycling like Fantom suggests, I could see the power this engine was going to produce. After a few more tanks of fuel it really started pulling hard. It was about a 90 degree day and I was running at about 235 degrees. This .27 has so much torque and top end, it awesome. Run times were about 6 minutes on a 125cc tank, it would idle just fine and the temperature would drop as it idled indicating that the bottom was not to lean. This engine was pulling right past bumble bee 26?s (ha-ha) with no problems. Fantom did a great job with this engine and I am very happy with it.

Victor Giardina

Dear Fantom,
I have been using your nitro engines for about 2 years now and have yet to buy a different engine. When the Nitro TC3 came out I picked up that kit and needed a cheap engine that made some good power. I came across your engines and had to have one. So I picked up a FR.12 pull start. I couldn’t have been any happier with it, I LOVE IT. Then race season came around and I dropped a FR.12 non pull start in the car, needless to say I dominated the A-Mains at the LHS. Im now into Buggys and bought the new FR.21 non pull start, and yet again you’ve impressed me so much more. This thing makes power all over the place. I’ve even managed to convince a few buddies to switch to Fantom engines and they all love them also. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!

Jim Russell
Bristol, PA

I just have to say Thank You for such a great engine. I am running a Fantom FR12 non-pullstart in my Nitro Rustler right now and it is hauling some serious butt!!!! It will make my Nitro Rustler fly and make alot of jaws drop!!!!! Thank you so much for the great engine,I think its one of the smartest investments I have ever made!!!!!


Matt Hickman
Nitro Rustler powered by a Fantom FR12 non-pullstart

Dear Fantom Staff,

Not too long ago, I purchased a Fantom stock motor for use in my TC3. I must say that I have never used anything better. Thank you for building such a great motor. The phrase "if you're not the lead dog, the scenery never changes" definitely applies to the other peak/trinity drivers at my track.

Amos Fayette

I would just like to say your engines ROCK. They KICK SOME SERIOUS BUTT. I bought the FR15 rotary carb. It easily lifts the front wheels of my hpi mt off the ground. Your engine is the best i've heard of and tested. My dad has a traxxas rustler 2.5, and i can't wait to dust him in a race.

Love your stuff,
Aaron McCombs
Rock Island, IL

Holy cow, I don't know what you guys do to wake up the stock motors you sell, but they just RIP!!! These motors cause me to humiliate those at our track that don't use Fantoms. Keep up the fine, fine job!!

To Whom It May Concern:
I am a small town "Hobby-Racer" from Pensacola, FL. Although I live in a small city the RC Hobby is very big here. I am fairly new to competetive racing and I by no means an expert. I have owned several RC Cars and I currently run a Nitro TC3 with a Fantom FR12 '03 with rear exhaust and slide carb. I have to say that my car is one of the fastest cars running at the track. I am extremely happy with my motor and I just wanted to give your company kudos on a great product. I pull on my buddy with an O.S. 12TR and he spent $70 more on his motor. The popular cars running at the track were O.S. CV-R's, TR's and Mugen MT's and everyone has seen how fast my car is and how inexpensive your motors are and are shifting towards Fantom motors. I am consistantly running in the top 3 in the Touring Car Mains and another individual runs your FR15 and is blowing the doors off of cars in Oval Outlaw. Once again, thank you for putting out such a great product and keeping the cost down for us Hobbyists.

FC1(SW/AW) Wrick Tomas
US Navy
Pensacola, FL

"A picture is worth a thousand words."

I got the new fantom fr.18...........this is a great upgrade for the traxxas 2.5.........I have installed it in my sport -maxx.......easy to install....and has a lot more power......I can wheelie on command....and the best part for me is .... I get to actually enjoy running my maxx and im not stuck trying to tune it like I was with the 2.5.................give it a cant beat it for the wont be sorry.........if you need more proof check out the traxxas forum section......nothing but good has been said.

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