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John Wiita wins 17.5 1/12 National Championship!

The HobbyPlex in Omaha, Nebraska was the site of the 2014 ROAR On-Road Carpet Nationals.  Fantom Racing Team Driver, John Wiita, dominated the 17.5 1/12th class, TQing and winning 2 of the 3 A-Mains to clinch the National Championship!

John also qualified 2nd and finished 2nd in 13.5 World GT, capping off a great weekend for Team Fantom!

John used Fantom Racing IONv4 motors and Pro Series LiPo's.  Here are his setups...

17.5 1/12th
  • 17.5 IONv4 Motor
  • 12.5mm high-torque rotor (1420 on Fantom meter)
  • 20 degrees timing (drawing 3.2 amps)
  • 100mm rollout
  • 7000mAh 1-cell / 70C-140C Pro Series LiPo
13.5 World GT
  • 13.5 IONv4 Motor
  • 12.5mm high-torque rotor (1420 on Fantom meter)
  • 20 degrees timing
  • 84mm rollout
  • 7000mAh 1-cell / 70C-140C Pro Series LiPo
Posted on Mar 04 2014 by admin


The first major race on the Australian EP off-road calendar took place this past weekend, with a Nationals-caliber field of drivers.

In 2wd, after 4 qualifiers, Fantom Driver Chris Sturdy qualified 2nd on the grid. After running the 3 A-Main format, Chris finished an impressive 4th overall. A great effort considering Chris has only raced on an outdoor dirt track once in the last 6 months.

4wd was a different story. Chris DNF'd the first 2 qualifiers which would send him to the C group after the re-sort. Chris would then need to put in two exceptional runs to make the A. Chris went out in Q3 and put down the hammer to TQ the round and only be 1 sec off TQ pace! Chris scored a 2nd place in Q4 which would put him 2nd on the grid. This set the stage for what would be a heated battle for the title with Australia's number 1 ranked driver, who took the TQ position in front of Chris. Chris finished the 3 A-Mains with a 4th, 1st and 2nd, tying him in points for the Title. With the fastest race time deciding the tiebreaker, Chris finished 2nd on the podium with a gap of only 2 seconds!

These results should give Chris vital Worlds Qualifying points for Japan in 2015.

Great job Chris and Congratulations!

Posted on Mar 04 2014 by admin

Congratulations to Fantom Team Driver Casey Vitale for his 8th place finish in 17.5 Stadium Truck!

Casey made the trip from his home state of Oregon to Silver Dollar RC Raceway, in Chico, California. Weather conditions were very hot, with temps over 100 degrees and track temps even hotter. This made it hard on equipment, especially on motors, on the approx. 100' x 200' track. Casey used his Fantom IONv4 17.5 and Fantom Killer Voltz batteries to power his truck to a 9th place qualifying position and 8th overall after the 3 A-Main format.
Posted on Aug 16 2013 by admin

Why choose Fantom?  We get this question asked quite a bit.

The answer is simple.  Take a look at the photo above.  You are looking at approximately $5,000.00 worth of rotors that we won't sell because they don't meet our high standards.  We are racers and we know what racers need to win, which is why we only sell products that we use our selves.

Take a look at the photo again.  Name another company that tests all of their products and doesn't sell what they wouldn't race.  Name another company that sacrifices their profits to only sell the highest quality products available.  We don't know of any other companies that do this and we're guessing you don't either.

Our motors start out as the best available, which are Epic based.  Epic based motors have been the leader in high-performance motor technology since the early 1980's and continue to be the dominant motor today.  Our Team and Works Edition motors are meticulously gone through and tested to make sure you receive a motor capable of winning at any level of competition.  If it doesn't meet our standards, we don't sell it.  You choose the options and one of only two people in our shop, with over 34 years of combined motor building experience, will build your motor exactly how you want it.

Our batteries are second to none.  There are only two battery manufacturers in the world capable of producing ultra high performance R/C batteries and we use the best of the two.  Our battery manufacturer is always at the cutting edge of technology and will never release a new battery unless it is the best available.  At Fantom Racing we will never sacrifice quality over price.

Since 1980, family operated and committed to providing our customers with the best quality, customer service and value in the industry (and we have the photos to prove it).  Feel The Power...Feel The Fantom!
Posted on Jul 07 2013 by admin

Cory Parsons & Fantom Racing ROAR Nationals Champions!

It came down to A3 of the 13.5 TC Mains. Cory Parson, Andrew Knapp and Josh Cyrul all had a win, a 2nd and a 3rd. To break the 3-way tie ROAR goes by the number of laps and Cory was the only one to go 26 laps...twice! win the National Championship! Congratulations Cory!!!

To make the day even better, Cory also won the VTA National Championship!

Cory also finished 5th overall in 17.5 TC and Ray Darroch finished 9th overall in 13.5 TC.

Congratulations and thank you to both Cory and Ray!  Great job guys!
Posted on May 06 2013 by admin

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